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To discuss your Internet project further, or send your feedback, please contact: Webmaster.


We will customize pages or a great web site to your specifications. If you are uncertain about how the site should look or be structured, we'll consult with you and recommend the best approach.

We can create a custom website, based on your ideas, using your written and photographic materials; we can make for you a great looking site, that will help you make money ! We do all the work. We scan your images, convert your text, and write your HTML codes. We also can post your site on the net, and promote it to the Search Engines.

We can create for you a small Website, for as little as Euro 390.00 ! This includes up to 10 standard HTML pages. For Euro 50.00 more, we will post your site to most important Search Engines on the Internet, related to your subject. In a couple of weeks, your company, will be on the Net, helping you make money.

If your site idea is a bit more sophisticated, we can add nice codes you may need, including special forms, catalogs, Flash, Java™, Javascript™ Asp. For information on our Web Design Services, Hourly Rates (based on type of code you need), or Consulting Services, contact The Webmaster. Be sure to include your name, and reply e-mail address.

Web site continuing management
Already have a Website? Let Anfiteatro update your site for you! Once your web site has been created it needs to be maintained with fresh information. Anfiteatro's services are available to work closely with your staff and other data providers to make sure your site remains current and effective.

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As a relatively low-volume, highly targeted site, Anfiteatro is meant for the advertiser who wants to reach this specific audience, and doesn't want to pay for tens of thousands of "generic" hits on general sites.

Our visitors are especially interested in:
And these people obviously represent a well-defined target market. Creative. More interested. And with time on their hands. So a great advertising opportunity. Give them a good banner, and they'll click on it.

Once you choose the page(s), your banner will be placed on the top or bottom of that page for a certain time (sponsorship) or for a specified number of impressions (rotated banners).

Advertise on Pattern Rates
1) Revolving banners
*CPM means cost per thousand.
3.000 to 10.000 impressions Euro 30 (CPM)*
10.000 + impressions Euro 20 (CPM)*
2) Fixed banners Monthly or quarterly sponsorship Ask estimate

Logistical Requirements

Banner Width: 468 pixels
Banner Height: 60 pixels
File Size:10 KBytes maximum
Image Format:GIF or JPEG

We will need Rules

1. Minimum order: 3,000 impressions.
2. All banners are subject to approval of the management.
3. Banners are managed by a CGI, Perl, or Java™ applet.
4. The ads are placed on our pages until the amount of impressions purchased has been reached.
5. Cumulative statistics are emailed to advertisers.
6. Banners with XXX rated or offensive content aren't permitted.

Internet services


Payment terms:

Anfiteatro will accept payment through the following methods:

  • (a) Bank Transfers (wire transfers in Euros or in US $) - We'll give at the due moment our banking details
  • (b) Foreign checks, or Western Union money transfers - Please contact us for the data

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