This is the personal art gallery of Fabio Ciucci.


Here you can see some of my drawings/paintings. Some are a bit retouched, but all made with usual media (watercolors, ink, pencils).
I am born in 1975 in Lucca (Italy) where I live actually.
After the Institute of the Arts, I choosed to study Architecture at the Florence University. I hope to become an architect in a reasonable time.
In the meantime I paint and work as programmer. In the past I programmed demos and parts of videogames on Commodore 64, Amiga and PC, using assembler and C language.

I am know as Randy/Ram Jam in the demo scene and other underground scenes.

Why program unuseful effects? This is same as when people paint unuseful paintings.
Fine Art, harmony and beauty is useful same as food. Try to imagine the world without colors and music.

Actually I like to program Java, you can see these effects conveted as Java applets, too, in my Java page.
But let's introduce my paintings and drawings, indexed by subject:

Comics and design
Modern art experiments

Note: These images are (C) by Fabio Ciucci, you can't use them on your sites.


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