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Daria Vincenti, painter from Milan, lives and works in the hills above Lucca. Classical studies behind her, a great love of the oriental disciplines, long journeys and the school of the sculptor Italo Antico.
To who ask her how her paintings emerge, she will answer that they break forth spontaneously, developing with an almost indipendent force and always without a precise idea at the start. This description is somewhat Bretonian and in fact her most recent works fluctuate between surrealist and even expressionist experiences.
An involved study of Munch, Van Gogh, Picasso (1930's and 40's) and Sutherland can be glimpsed. Colours appear in contrast occasionally sombre or lit by deliberate conflict; forceful strokes leaving obvious traces of the brush an the canvas likeflashing lightening or deafened beams. Shapes have organic resemblances and however contorted, bring to mind bodies, faces, shadows and mysterious animal and vegetables forms. At the border of each pinting, shapes disperse to meet a flat, neutral frame, a psychic screen from which they seem to be escaping. Let's call the paintings "confessions" or "apparitions" even "improvvisations", if the term, often used by Kandisky did not imply a comparison with music, which is not the intenction of the artist. If made to give a non-artistic reference to her artwork, in keeping with the surreal poets, the artist would suggest a link with psycoanalitical research.

Nello Forti Grazzini


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Daria Vincenti

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