Antonio Possenti

Antonio Possenti - personal exhibition in Lucca (oct-nov 2004)

Vademecum for the visionary traveller

"Vademecum for the visionary traveller. Antonio Possenti’s Lucca" is the title of the exhibition that is held in the Monumental Halls at palazzo Ducale in Lucca from October the 9th to November 21th, 2004. The exhibition was ideated by the painter from Lucca Antonio Possenti as homage to his hometown. About 60 works are exhibited, some of them painted expressly for the occasion. The exhibition is organized in different thematic parts. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to events relevant for the history of Lucca such as the “rivolta degli straccioni” (the wretch rebellion), the battle of Altopascio, San Paolino’s miracle, another part is dedicated to views of the town (the amphitheatre, the walls the bulwarks), another features important characters of the history of Lucca, such as Giacomo Puccini, Carlo Piaggia, Francesco Carrara, Carlo del Prete. The exhibition pays particularly attention to the topic of the paper, to the versatility of this material. Possenti uses different kinds of paper for his works, and the panels for the exhibition setting are partially realized in recycled cardboard.
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Antonio Possenti

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