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If you have any questions or need any informations, or help in placing your order, please e-mail us.

Here you can order your choice from our Art gallery; there are two steps to follow, please read carefully.

First step:

Make sure you know the title, and the reference code of the artwork, and fill out the below order form, or simply mail us with the requested data. Important: this is NOT a order yet, it's only a "booking".

Artworks data:


Artwork title


Your data:

First Name

Last Name

E-mail Address

Shipping Address


State / Country

Postal Code


Second step:
We will contact the Artist, calculate the price of the shipping, on the ground of your location in the world; then we will confirm your order by e-mail, specifying the entire cost (artwork + ship).

Notes and FAQ:
  1. Shipping: we ship quite anywhere in the world. Naturally we do not ship in Countries like Nigeria, or where there is a War, like Iraq.
  2. Payment Methods: we accept International Money Orders, wire transfers in Euros or in US $, foreign checks, and Western Union money transfers. Please contact us for any questions.
  3. Shipping Costs: our shipping costs for most items are based on each item's size, weight, shipping method and delivery address. Some heavy or large items could have special shipping and handling costs. All orders are shipped insured against loss or breakage.
  4. Delivering time: depends on the artwork you want, and the Country you live in. When we receive the confirmation of your payment, we send you the parcel.
  5. Artworks: if not specified in other way, the artworks dimensions are in Centimeters. Paintings are without frames.
  6. Your data: we will NOT give to anyone your personal data, the e-mail address, and the orders informations.


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