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Price: Euro 500
Title - Description Author Price Code
"Il flautista" - oil on music paper cm. 35 x 25 Roberto Fontirossi Euro 900 Misc001
"Sibilla" - drawing cm. 48 x 38 Giovanni Lorenzetti Euro Misc002
"Gateau al limone" - oil on canvas cm. 21,5 x 30 Maria Stuarda Varetti Euro Misc003
"La via mentale"
mixed technique on paper (with frame) - cm. 20x29
Fabrizio Barsotti Euro 300 Misc004
"Senza titolo"
oil on canvas (with frame) - cm. 25x35
Mario Palagi Euro 100 Misc005
"Paratia sulla spiaggia" - oil on canvas - cm. 50x70 Ezio Grubissa Euro 500 Misc006

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