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Tista Meschi - Life & review

"Tista Meschi was born in lucca in 1934. He studied at the lucchese art insitute, and afterwards, attended a three year course of advertising graphics in rome, where he began his activity as an artist. He then worked in florence as a graphic and in the sixties began to teach art at the art institute of Bari.
His long stay in puglia with its beautiful landscapes, greatly influenced the development of his paintings when he then definitely returned to Lucca, he carried on his successfull carrier as a teacher and above all, as an artist.
His first "personal" painting was carried out in bari in '96 and followed by numerous others all over italy, along with several exhibitions and awards.
Tista Meschi has a complete mastery of several techniques but his favourite is water-colour, which allows transparency, lightness, even where the colour thickens, and that mostly corresponds to his lyrical intent.
The huge technical skill, forms the substratum of his expression. His pieces are like a sonnet, briefly concluded, without rhetoric.
Tista is not, fortunately for us and for himself, an artist that screams, that proclaims; reserved as he is, he quietly expresses his vision of the world, allowing the audience to listen to him and understand him."

Grazia Lanzillo


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Tista Meschi

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