Michele Lovi

Michele Lovi - review

Lovi Michele, painter. He was born in 1949 in Lucca, Italy.
Address: via del Tiro a segno, 165.
Painting study: piazza del Palazzo Dipinto 4, 55100 Lucca, Italy.
E-mail: michele.lovi@tin.it

He began his activity in 1968 and his paintings have always showed his desire for continuous evolution about both contents and style. In this way he has achieved a personal pictoric expression that shows surrealistic and metaphysic ecos thanks to original sights. His paintings show at the same time real, dreamlike and fantastic facts that create a dramatic evocation thanks also to the masterly use of lights and colours. He has taken part in many art exhibitions and competitions in several italian cities, where he has obtained approvals of critics and public. His paintings are exposed in public and private an colletions in Italy, U.S.A., Canada and Switzerland.


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Michele Lovi

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