Krina - Biography

I was born in Italy in 1971.
I've been studying art since high school with peculiar devotion to sculpture.
The next step I took was in the Art Academy of Carrara and graduated in 1997.
In '96 I obtained a scholarship that allowed me to study a year at Granada Art University in Spain, which opened my appetite for travel.. During those years I took part in a few collective exhibitions.
Since then I've been traveling across a string of countries as different as Senegal and Japan can be…which inspired me equally. I find the meaning of my works in other traditional daily rituals. Through the sculptures I've been experiencing with many materials such as: marble, stones, bronze, wood, recycled materials, fiber-glass, cement, plaster, iron.. In the last 9 years my curiosity spread into painting skills. From all my travels Bali has become my home base, for it's the island of smiles and creativity. Here I find the necessary elements to express my self at all levels of existence.

The main idea of my work is the re-connecting of the human being with the nature and the cosmic energy….by mixing the secrets of Mother nature with the space mysteries and the human body knowledge, I want to create new worlds which emphasize the past and let us dream a colorful future.
I've been showing my works in almost all the country I've been visiting.

My latest exhibition :


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