Frenchky Brecevich

Frenchky Brecevich - Life & review

Born in a refugee camp at Lucca in 1951, the artist soon discovers the magic world of painting. His early dedication to the figured art starts in 1960, when at the young age of nine he begins to draw his native city's monuments. By the time he reaches twenty two he has improved and perfected his skill of representing things as they are, maintaining a close touch with reality. But at this time in his artistic life there is a sudden block, a pause, a mental vacum. Painting reality does not satisfy him anymore, he feels it's all wrong, sterile and cold. After a period of self-seeking meditation he starts deepening his knowledge of painting. Art, from the fourth century' on, becomes the object of his close study. He comes to know the methods and the technics of the old masters. A nev world opens up to him, an enchanted world; Jeronimus Bosch, Bruegel, Max Ernst, Salvator Dali's mind-boggling compositions, Francis Bacon's unsettling transfigurations. [...]

After 1984 his subjects, at times keeping a definite physical shape while other times only imaginary, are placed in a fantastic scenery full of images that suggest a strange and weird metaphysical world, tragic and dramatic, majestic and mysterious, sublime and sacred. One can always discover new shapes and events in his paintings, this beeing the main feature of the artist's creative power. Each work has different meanings and interpretations. Even the most trained observer will never be sure that what he thinks he's seen is the same as what the autor saw.


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Frenchky Brecevich

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